Dean, Faculty of Arts and Associates from University of Ljubljana Visit TUFS on April 8th

April 27, 2016

On the 8th of April 2016 (Fri), Prof. Dr. Branka Kalenić-Ramšak, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Dr. Mojca Nidorfer-Šiškovič, Head of Service, Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language and Prof. Chikako Shigemori, Department of Asian and African Studies visited TUFS and held a conference with President Tateishi, Prof. Sho Hagio who is in charge of international management and Associate Prof. Kumiko Kanazashi from the School of Language and Culture Studies. We were able to confirm the strengthening of the cooperation agreement between both universities leading into the future.

TUFS and the University of Ljubljana have continued their exchange in various forms following the international academic exchange agreement that was concluded in September 2007. The University of Ljubljana providing Professors for Slovenian classes here at TUFS, graduate students conducting Japanese language education training at both universities and teaching staff from TUFS conducting lectures at the University of Ljubljana are just a few examples of our continued exchange. Following from the conference, we are anticipating an even more in depth exchange.

President Tateishi (left) and Prof. Dr. Branka Kalenić-Ramšak, Dean, Faculty of Arts (right)

From the right, University of Ljubljana: Prof. Shigemori
Dr. Mojca Nidorfer-Šiškovič
Prof. Dr. Branka Kalenić-Ramšak, Dean, Faculty of Arts
TUFS: President Tateishi, Associate Prof. Kanazashi and Prof. Hagio