The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Visited TUFS on March 15th

April 11, 2016

On the 15th of March 2016 (Tue), President Mezilov Gurbanmyrat, Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan visited TUFS and held a conference with Executive Director Hayashi and Vice-President Miyazaki.

At the conference, Prof. Yoshikazu Suzuki, Special Advisor to the President, Prof. Hayatsu, Dean, Institute of Japan Studies and Prof. Sakamoto, Vice Director, Japanese Language Center for International Students also attended. An exchange of information regarding Japanese language education was carried out.

In October of 2015 TUFS concluded an academic exchange agreement with the International University for the Humanities and Development of Turkmenistan. Also as of April 2016, Turkmen classes will be offered here at TUFS. This is the first ever case of Turkmen being taught outside of Turkmenistan.

We are greatly anticipating the facilitation of exchange between Turkmenistan and TUFS.