103rd Intramural Boat Race Held June 3rd

June 10, 2016

On the 3rd of June 2016 (Fri), the 103rd Intramural Boat Race was carried out at Toda Park in Toda city, Saitama Prefecture.  

This is a school-wide event with more than a 100-year history, in which new students and exchange students mainly p articipate, and students form teams based on their major languages and areas.  This year, 370 participants from 70 teams raced a 300m course in 5-man boats and a total of 34 races including “Hagyou Race (Male/Female)”, which literally means “Master’s works”, were carried out .

Some students wore original T-shirts as uniforms and participants who dressed up in costumes, which gave the boat race a festive atmosphere.  Also, the TUFS broadcasting activity club managed the commentary and the grounds were filled with excitement. In the “Hagyo Race” held at the end of the event, the audience cheered the players on, running parallel to the boats. The event was a big success.

The results of the 103rd intramural Boat Race

Event: Men`s Category (1000m)

Ranking Group Name
1st Place North America, English(1’41”89)
2nd Place Africa, English(1’43”93)
3rd Place Germany(1’51”46)

Event: Women`s Category (500m)

Ranking Group Name
1st Place Africa, English(1‘37“98)
2nd Place France(1‘41“54)
3rd Place North America, English(1‘42“32)

Event: Seniors Opposition Race

Ranking Group Name
1st Place Barabara(1‘41“11)
2nd Place Brazilian Research Society(1‘47“95)
3rd Place TUFS Karate Club(1‘49“78)

Event: New and Foreign Student Opposition Race

Ranking Group Name
1st Place Yogurt(1‘41“11)
2nd Place Rokumu(1‘43“71)
3rd Place Tshus!(1‘49“74)

We have released footage of the competitions events on the YouTube:TufsChannel .