TUFS International Community Hosted "African Culture Day" on May 13th

May 30, 2016

On the 13th of May 2016 (Fri), one of the official university groups “TUFS International Community” hosted a “たふこみゅFriday African Culture Day” event in the cultural exchange room of the Japanese Language Center for International Students.

At the event, 5 African exchange students gave an introduction to their country and prepared African cuisine for all who attended. Roughly 80 students participated in the event which became a valuable opportunity for students from a wide range of countries to learn about Africa and exchange cultures.

The student group that carries out the planning and management of international exchange events on campus “TUFS International Community” (たふこみゅ) holds activities every Friday (たふこみゅFriday) during the lunch break at the international culture exchange space on the 1st floor of the Agora Global building.

Thoughts from the Participants

From the African Exchange Students

We think holding an African culture day was a brilliant idea. We, the African students studying here at TUFS are very grateful for the opportunity to exchange cultures with so many people. We hope that African day will continue to be held each semester for the following years to come.

From the TUFS International Community Management Members

たふこみゅ Friday events held by TUFS International Community are originally designed for mutual understanding of different cultures and so there is no set audience, everyone is welcome. However, the current situation is that after featuring certain languages or regions in events the majority of people that attend are those that are majoring (or minoring) in that specific language or region.
This time, thanks to the great suggestion by the foreign exchange students, many people were interested in the たふこみゅ Friday event so I couldn`t be happier.
We are very grateful for all the help we receive in order to make this events a success. We hope to see you at a future event.