Participation in the Japan Study Abroad Fair Held in Yangon, Myanmar

March 15, 2017

On Saturday 8 th October 2016, TUFS participated in the Japan Study Abroad Fair (hosted by Okayama University) held in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, and introduced the activities of Yangon GJO, which was established by TUFS at the University of Yangon. The GJOs are overseas bases selected by TUFS at the core of the Top Global University Project and take on the role of Japanese education overseas, providing information on studying abroad in Japan, and spreading and promoting Japanese culture. GJO Yangon was opened by TUFS in January 2015 as the first GJO. On the day, Associate Prof. Okano Kenji (Institute of Global Studies) and Imai Michiko, lecturer, who is stationed at GJO Yangon, gave explanations to visitors and displayed Japanese culture using origami. Among those attending, there were students who spoke about their dream of being fluent in Japanese in the future, and an increasing interest in Japan could be seen.