Industrial-Academic Ties Established with International Student Support for Finding Employment on 30th September

March 14, 2017

On Friday 30 th September, TUFS entered into a foundation agreement with Sociarise Co.,Ltd. relating to industrial-academic ties in order to support Foreign students enrolled at TUFS with job-seeking activities in Japan.

Through coordination between TUFS, which aims to "strengthen employment-seeking support for foreign students", and Sociarise , which aims to 'use and promote the training of foreign human resources' for the globalisation and diversification which is necessary for Japanese companies to expand, this agreement and aims to assist with the government's objective to "raise employment rates of foreign students in Japanese companies" while both parties offer each other their skills and expertise, based on the common expectation for a mutual synergy.
We plan to collaborate on the following items

(1) Career advice for foreign students
(2) Publishing business reviews
(3) Joint development of training programmes for the cultivation and use of foreign human resources
(4) Holding special courses related to support for employment-seeking activities for foreign students
(5) Items relating to all of the above

With this agreement, we believe that will greatly contribute to 'turning out human resources who learn about understanding other cultures and unions of multiple cultures, respect cultural diversity and who have acquired an interculturality into the international community".