TUFS Students Win Prize in 2016 Cambodian Speech Contest

March 31, 2017

On Saturday 16 th July 2016, Imamura Yusuke (School of Language and Culture Studies Cambodian language third year student) won 3 rd place in the 2016 Cambodian Speech Contest (sponsored by the Cambodian embassy, supported by the Japan Cambodia Association, ANA, Tokyo INN etc.) held at the Cambodian embassy in Japan. Murakami Nanako, who won first place, is a former TUFS Cambodian language student who graduated from in 2009.

Only those who qualified were able to proceed to the final selection in the contest, and 4 of the 11 applicants from TUFS were chosen. Aside from students of other universities, researchers and working adults were among those competing, and as such 1 st and 2 nd place were awarded to working adults who had the experience of residing in Cambodia long-term.

Despite not having the experience of residing in Cambodia, Imamura gained high marks for a fluent speech entitled "Comparing the Ancient Cities of Japan and Cambodia" and for readily answering the complex questions of the adjudicators.

As 3 rd place winner, Imamura was presented with a traditionally crafted silver plate and \30,000 in prizemoney, as well as, as further encouragement in the pursuit of knowledge, all 9 volumes of "Cambodian Folk Tales".

This contest went on hiatus after being held 2013, but was reopened thanks to the efforts of Prof. Nagasaki Teruaki, Special Advisor to the President and co. This speech contest, which is a large goal for students studying Cambodian, is planned to be held again form here on.

Please click here to view Imamura's speech.

Imamura giving his speech

Ambassador Chea Kimtha, Prof, VAN, Sovathana of TUFS,
and the 4 chosen participants form TUFS

Silver plate prizes