Report on Relay Lectures from the Ambassadors for the South African Development Community held November-December

March 29, 2017

These lectures were held on the generosity of the ambassadors for the South African Development Community (SADC) as a required module for first year students of African area studies at TUFS during second period on Wednesdays during the autumn term.

Below are details on the four lectures held in between Wednesday 30th November and Wednesday 21st December.

7th Lecture- 11th November (Wed) The Republic of Malawi- Ms. Rosemary Kanuka, Embassy & Consulate General

8th Lecture- 7th December (Wed) The Republic of Madagascar- Ms. Rosette Lalatiana Rasoamanarivo, Embassy & Consulate General

9th Lecture- 14th December (Wed) The Kingdom of Lesotho- マシンゴアネング・モソソアネ・ムソロ , Embassy & Consulate General

10th Lecture- 21st Decemebr (Wed) The Democratic Republic of the Congo- Mr. Raphael Mwenda Bambinganila, Embassy & Consulate General

The lecturers each gave an ingeniously constructed lecture introducing their countries' history, politics and economy in easy-to-understand English. As the students, based on the knowledge they have earned from their other units and independent study, as well as from the content of these lectures, are becoming able to have enthusiastic Q&A sessions with each of the lecturers, we expect a good result from their studies.

These relay lectures are open to the public in order to promote exchange between Japan and the countries of Southern Africa. (Wednesday 2nd period, room 207)

Contact information:

African area studies (Sakai Makiko) sakai_makiko[a]

Also (Oishi Takamori) takanori[a]

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The Republic of Malawi


The Republic of Madagascar


The Kingdom of Lesotho


The Democratic Republic of the Congo