Visit from a Party of Teachers from Malaysian Islamic Schools

March 29, 2017

On Friday 25th November, 10 teachers from Malaysian Islamic schools made a visit to TUFS, and an exchange meeting took place. This visit was carried out as a part of the "マレーシア教師との文明間対話事業"(sponsored by the ministry of foreign affairs), inviting teachers form Islamic schools to various parts of Japan over the course of one week in order to promote educational and cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Japan and Malaysia. Participating in the exchange from TUFS were Vice President Hayashi, Malay teaching staff, and students learning Malay.

Following greetings and exchange of gifts between Vice President Hayashi and Prof. カマルニザム of the University of Malaysia, there was a presentation by Prof. カマルニザム on the theme of "The Development and Educational Systems of Religious Schools in Malaysia". The students listened enthusiastically, and the presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session. Afterwards, the party split into small groups and were shown around the campus by the students. The sight of the party and the students conversing in Malay was impressive, and the visit was harmonious from beginning to end.

Exchanging gifts

Group photo