Brazilian Schools in Japan Students take a Field Trip to Gaigosai

March 29, 2017

On Monday 21st November 2016, around 80 Brazilian pupils and teachers from the Brazilian schools in Joso, Ibaraki Prefecture and Kamisato, Saitma Prefecture, オプサォン学園 and IETS Recreação, visited TUFS on a field trip to Gaigosai. This visit was carried out as part of TUFS's collaboration with The Consulate General of Brazil, which is supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

First was a lunch exchange meeting with students studying at this university. After greetings from レオナルド・コラーリス副領事 of The Consulate General of Brazil, there were talks from international students on Japanese universities, student life, and Brazilian universities. For both pupils thinking of entering a Japanese university and pupils planning to eventually return to Brazil, it seems that this was a good opportunity for them to think about their futures. Following that, after being shown around the indoor exhibitions and food stalls by the international students, the pupils watched a play in Portuguese titled "e eu fosse você (If I were you)". The venue was filled with laughter at the various unusual occurrences that occur after a husband and wife one day change places.