Previous President of Uruguay Mujika gave Lecture at TUFS on April 7th

April 25, 2016

On the 7th of April 2016 (Thu), the previous President of Uruguay famously known for being the “world’s poorest president” Mr. Jose Alberto Mujica Cordano, gave a lecture targeted at current TUFS students in the Prometheus Hall.

At the event hall, roughly 350 students from TUFS and Ambassadors residing in Japan from 15 Central and South American Countries attended the lecture. In addition, large crowds of local residents and students who were unable to enter the event hall gathered in the open air public viewing section. During the question and answer session that took place after Mr. Mujica finished his lecture, it became a discussion typical of TUFS with such things like Spanish major students asking questions in Spanish.

Mr. Mujica had a conference with President Tateishi just before giving the lecture and then after which, Mrs. Lucia Eduardo Bouzout, wife of the Ambassador of Uruguay residing in Japan and Presidents Kazuyoshi Masakado and Chobunsha joined the President, Directors and Spanish teaching staff of TUFS for a dinner party.

The footage of the lecture is scheduled to be aired by Fuji Terebi on the 8th of April (Fri) between 19:00-20:45 titled “Special Feature: The world’s poorest president Mr. Mujica Visits Japan, Are Japanese people truly happy?” and additionally is also being scheduled to be uploaded onto the YouTube: TUFS Channel. (date to be confirmed)

Fuji Terebi homepage for program information.