Japanese Library Room Established at 2 Foreign Offices (Shanghai International Studies University, Tamkang University)

May 11, 2016

In March 2016, at the Shanghai International Studies University and the Tamkang University foreign offices of TUFS known as “Global Japan Office”, a library room has been established where you can read Japanese publications. This is following on from the installation that took place at Yangon University last year.
The library personnel and current students carried out a book selection and after which, roughly 700 Japanese publications were installed in the new library room. Included in this collection are academic publications, learning reference books and manga amongst others which means it is a very interesting line up for students studying Japanese. Following this, there are also plans to hold events centering on these publications. Also at the same time, at Yangon University, roughly 500 books were added to the collection.
Due to the establishment of the Japanese library room, we anticipate this will provide an opportunity for an even greater number of students to gain interest in Japan and to help current Japanese language students with their studies.
”Global Japan Office” is the core approach of the TUFS Super Global University Creation Support Project which are bases for “Japanese language education and Japan education” primarily installed in overseas partner universities. The office at Tamkang University was established in December of 2014 and the office at Shanghai International Studies University was established in April of 2015.

Book Collection of the Library Room (Shanghai University of International Studies)

Student reaching for a book at Tamkang University

Japanese Library Room Opening Announcement Poster (Tamkang University)