"India-Japan Relations Lecture Given by Indian Ambassador Residing in Japan" On May 18th Sponsored by: TUFS and Indus-Kai

May 23, 2016

On the 18th of May 2016 (Wed), His Excellency Mr. Sujan R. Chinoy, Ambassador of India residing in Japan gave a lecture regarding “India-Japan Relations” (Sponsored by: TUFS and Indus-Kai) in the Sakura Hall of the Japanese Language Center for International Students.
His Excellency Mr. Sujan R. Chinoy, Ambassador of India who was appointed in December of last year has both study abroad experience in both Japan and China and whilst having a deep knowledge of Asia, has a work history of over 30 years and is renowned for being a multilingual and being able to speak in Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic and Louisiana Creole French.
At the opening of the lecture the Ambassador gave a self-introduction in Japanese and went on talk about the importance of deepening the understanding of other cultures, building trustworthy connections which prove vital in todays Globalized society and how the best way to improve your language ability is through making and then overcoming your many mistakes. This lecture became a lecture abundant with suggestions and advice for the students of TUFS which holds 27 language majors and 14 regional majors.
Ambassador Chinoy had a conference with President Tateishi prior to giving his lecture. The Ambassador browsed through books belonging to the TUFS library about the history of the school he attended, Rajkumar College and also showed interest in the India and South Asia Education research being carried out by TUFS as well as demonstrating his already solid understanding. After the lecture, the Ambassador also held an international exchange with students who study languages of South Asia.