Fuchu City Hall and TUFS Cooperation Exchange Event "Learn about The Problems that Face Our World" Held on June 17th

June 27, 2016

On the 17th of June 2016 (Fri), the cooperation exchange event “Learn about the Problems that Face Our World” hosted by the Fuchu City Hall and TUFS was held.

On the day, students taking part in the School of Language and Culture Studies Global Communication Course “Internship”, conducted presentations regarding the “litter Disposal Situation” in the regions or countries in which they specialize.

Following this, volunteers from the Fuchu City International Exchange Salon, students learning Japanese and students from TUFS split into groups and discussed the differences between the culture of disposing litter in Japan compared to the rest of the world, problems foreigners living in Fuchu City face when disposing of their litter and the potential solutions whilst further deepening the exchange with other participants.

Thought`s from the Student Event Manager

Ms. Kanano Tabayashi (School of Language and Culture Studies, Spanish major, 3rd year)
Although it was only for a brief period of time, I was able to exchange with the citizens of Fuchu City and Foreign Exchange students, it was a great experience.
Especially during the group discussion, I was able to hear the experiences of a Chinese national who has been living in Fuchu City for 7 years as well as the valuable opinions of the citizens of Fuchu. On this occasion it was an exchange event focusing on litter disposal however, in the future I would like to create an opportunity where students, foreign students and citizens of Fuchu can gather to exchange opinions and resolve any problems in the local area.

Ms. Akari Shimomachi (School of Language and Culture Studies)
By participating in the exchange event I was not only able to learn about the litter disposal problem across various regions, but also able to exchange opinions with foreigners that live in Fuchu City and the Japanese citizens of Fuchu which was a very valuable experience. I felt very fortunate to have participated in the internship course.