TUFS Global Japan Office Established at Belgrade University (Serbia) on March 17th

April 15, 2016

On the 17th of March 2016 (Thu), the 9th Global Japan Office* was established at Belgrade University in Serbia and an opening ceremony was held. Both the opening ceremony and the signing ceremony were held in the Literature Department of Belgrade University. From TUFS, Executive Director, Dr. Hirashita, Director, Japanese Language Center for International Students, Prof. Ito, Prof. Kyoko Numano, Associate Prof. Izumi Maeda and others attended. From Belgrade University, Vice Rector, Dr. Ivanka Popović, Dean, Faculty of Philology, Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Vraneš, Vice Dean of the same faculty, Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Marković, Prof. Dr Kayoko Yamasaki and others attended. Officials from the Embassy of Japan in Serbia also attended the event.

Preceding the signing ceremony in the form of a kickoff event, on the 15th of March (Tue), a lecture entitled “The future of Japanese language education and the evaluation of Japanese ability” was given by Director, Japanese Language Center for International Students, Prof. Ito and the following day on the 16th of March (Wed), a lecture titled “Paradox of Japanism in the early 20th century, the acceptance of the kimono in Russian culture” was given by Prof. Numano.

This base will run a Joint Education Program between the students studying Japanese language education here at TUFS and the students studying the Japanese language at Belgrade University. In addition we will carry out a central role as a base for exchange in Central and Eastern Europe and are anticipating a further increase of the exchanges with Central and Eastern Europe.

*Here at TUFS, according to the TUFS Super Global university initiative “From Japan to the World, strengthening the power of transmission” “Supporting the Globalization of the University”, in order to carry out these initiatives, we are establishing “Global Japan Office” as a base for “Japan research and Japanese education” in major overseas partner universities.

Belgrade University
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