TUFS Wins Prize in the 2016 Nihon-Ryugaku Awards (National and Public Universities of East Japan)

March 10, 2017

TUFS was awarded a prize in the 2016 Nihon-Ryugaku Awards National and Public Universities of East Japan category.

The award is based on the "2016 survey of higher education destinations (universities, graduate schools and technical schools) recommended to international students by teaching staff of Japanese language schools" carried out by The Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education to acknowledge the institutions that have gained support, this year being the fifth time running. TUFS was placed in the top 7 for the category for National and Public Universities of East Japan (alongside Saitama University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, the University of Tsukuba, Yokohama National University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Hitotsubashi University).

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday 8 th August, at the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center, and was attended by Ito Sukero, Director for the Japanese Language Center for International Students from TUFS. Reasons raised for endorsing TUFS included "it is focused not only foreign language acquisition, but also on developing a viewpoint to analyse international society (School of International and Area Studies)" and "in terms of learning content, it is ideal for students who want to study Japanese on a deeper level".

TUFS established the TUFS Student Mobility Centre in 2015, which is devoted to providing support to students from overseas as well as TUFS students studying abroad. From here on, we will endeavour to support international students further still.

Details on the Nihon-Ryugaku Awards can be viewed here:

http://www.ryugakuawards.org/ (link in Japanese)