Exchange meeting between the Bangladeshi ambassador to Japan Exchange and students of TUFS on 11th July

March 7, 2017

On Monday 11 th July, Her Excellency Ms. Rabab Fatima of the Bangladeshi embassy in Japan made a visit to TUFS and had an exchange with some students majoring in Bengali. The students performed speeches and songs in Bengali, and received words of encouragement from the ambassador.

Prior to the exchange meeting, Her Excellency made a courtesy call on the President of TUFS. Joining the discussion were Ms. Kobayashi, Vice President for International Strategies; Prof. Nagasaki (Head of International Exchange); and Prof. Hagio; as well as Associate Prof. Niwa [ベンガル語専攻教員] and Prof. Taniguchi; who talked about furthering exchange between Bangladesh and TUFS.