TUFS Student Came 1st Place in "64th Tokyo District National University Kendo Competition"

June 15, 2016

On the 4th of June 2016 (Sat), the “64th Tokyo District National University Kendo Competition” (Venue: University of Electro-Communications) was held and Ms. Ai Nagano (School of Language and Culture Studies, Arabic major, 3rd year) who is also a member of the TUFS Kendo Club, won 1st place in the women’s individual category. This year 10 universities took part and in total 89 women participated in the competition.
The last time a woman won 1st place was 8 years ago in 2008 and in the Kendo Clubs long history, Ms. Nagano became the 3rd ever woman to win 1st place.

Ms. Ai Nagano`s Thoughts on Winning

I was able to win 1st place all thanks to support from my teacher, manager, the seniors and the daily training with all of the active members. I aim to continue this into the future working hard in high spirits with all of the members of the TUFS Kendo Club which has such a long history.