TUFS Entered into International Academic Exchange Agreement with Zimbabwe University in Africa February 5

March 11, 2016

On the 5th of February 2016 (Fri), TUFS entered into an international academic exchange agreement with Zimbabwe University. The agreement letter was personally handed over to Vice-President Nyagura by Prof. Shuhei Shimada from the Africa Region Department at TUFS.
At TUFS, ever since the establishment of the Study of African Regions within the School of International and Area Studies in 2012, we have been proceeding with expanding the exchange between Africa, especially with the sub-Saharan regions. In September 2013, we entered into an agreement with the University of Zambia.
The University of Zimbabwe is a leading university in the southern part of Africa that has a history dating back to 1953 where it was established and selected as the first Southern Rhodesian University during the British colonial era. There are 10 faculties and 66 departments at the university. Not only are we looking to exchange research but also we are making preparations to commence a student exchange program.
For further information regarding the study of Africa and efforts to learn from Africa here at TUFS please see the following link. 「TUFS Today Africa Special Feature Article」

Handing agreement letter to Vice-President Nyagura