TUFS Students Held Study Support Session for Middle Schoolers in Fuchu

February 19, 2016

TUFS students visited 4 schools in Fuchu and held study support sessions from November 11th-18th in a cooperative project together with the Fuchu Department of Health and Social Welfare in order to support to middle school students living in Fuchu that are going through financial hardships. From the 9 students partaking in the project, 3 to 4 of them would visit the classrooms where they would talk about things they are learning at university, as well university life, and their own personal experiences in middle school and high school.
It was a chance for the 9 participating students to look back on their university life until now.

Student Activity Report

・For me, my time as a middle school student has had little to do with what happens outside of it as I feel like I live as part of a community here. So it has been quite a valuable opportunity to have the chance to hear all of the university student’s experiences. I think it would be good if this project could spread out to other schools for students too.

・The theme for the project was “TUFS Students Expand the World of Middle Schoolers” so it may seem like it just became stories about the world, but at the review meeting the middle school students said things such as “You can experience lots of different things at TUFS so it seems like a really place” and “I think it would be really good to go overseas”. ”Students are made to think: ‘You can never experience those kinds of opportunities unless you go overseas. The TUFS students who commute to school and go on their year abroad or just visit overseas are on the other side of the fence for opportunity, so I wonder if I am different from them. Going abroad seems much better than being in Japan.’ This is a big problem, and if that is the case then it seems to me that students’ knowledge of the world is very limited.” (omission) The truth is, the middle school students have a different view of life and sense of value, but after talking to them about how they think and how they obtain what they want, I realised that I want to expand their knowledge of the world (e.g. the measure of life and a reason to live). It would be good if we would sympathise and talk more closely with the students.

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