[Application Deadine: March 2nd 10pm-March 25th]TUFS Spring Open Academy!

February 26, 2016

As the location for academic and lifelong learning, TUFS is establishing open academy courses this year. 2016 will see 2 new foreign languages added to the curriculum, bringing the total number of foreign language courses to 26. TUFS is looking for students interested in attending these 26 foreign language classes, as well as 12 additional educational courses.

For those who are interested, please see the link below for further details on each course and how to sign up.

TUFS Open Academy Home Page

Application Deadline: Wednesday March 2nd (from 10:00am)~Friday March 25th
※Please be aware that you will not be able to sign up for a course once the deadline has passed.

Selection Process: First come first serve basis

Available Courses (please see the Open Academy home page for further details)
▼Foreign Language Courses (12 places available for each)
Egyptian and Levantine Arabic, Italian, Ukrainian, Urdu, Esperanto, Dutch, Cantonese, Khmer, Uyghur, Spanish, Swahii, Thai, Tibetan, Korean, German, Japanese, Hungarian, Eastern Armenian, Burmese, Hindi, French, Vietnamese, Bengali, Polish, Portuguese, Russian

▼Additional Courses (3-12 places available for each)
Practical Interpretation in the Medical Field (医療現場の実務通訳), Phonetics(音声学), Japanese Language Education - Phonetics for Foreign Language Learning(日本語教育・外国語教育のための音声学), Useful Japanese for English Composition(英作文に役立つ日本語), Linguistic Communication(コミュニケーションの言語学), An Account of the World's Languages(世界言語紀行), Reading Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics(古代エジプトの聖刻文字(ヒエログリフ)を読む), Digging for Gold(金を掘る人々), Cinema in Poland During and After the War(ポーランド戦中・戦後史と映画), Melody - Slavic Russian in Picture(メロディー・映像の中のロシア・スラブ), Cities of World Heritage (Moscow and Saint Petersburg)(世界遺産都市(モスクワ市・サンクトペテルブルク市)), History of Europe: A Walk Through What We Know(ヨーロッパを知る歴史散歩)

See a breakdown of the courses here