9th National Forum on Practical Research Partnership Held on December 12th

March 2, 2016

The 9th National Forum on Practical Research Partnership, hosted by the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research, was held at TUFS on December 12th, 2015. The theme for this event was “Professionals in a Multicultural Society! A University’s Role in a Globalising Country”. More than 250 people from every region of the country attended the forum.

Hirotaka TATEISHI, the President of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, gave the opening speech. Afterwards, Gunei SATO, the president of Mejiro University, gave the keynote speech “How Can Universities Contribute to Find Solutions to the Problems in a Multicultural Society?” From the standpoint invovled in university management as president, he mentioned the university's role to be played in order to solve the problems and train human resources required in a multicultural society.

In the Research Exhibition Session, researchers and practitioners from home and abroad showcased the outcomes of their activities, both in groups and individually. In the Special Research Session, the Community Interpreter Practical Research Group and the Multicultural Society Coordinator Practical Research Group, both based in TUFS, made their research presentations.

At the end of the forum, a panel discussion was conducted with the theme of "the New Developments Related to Foreign Acceptance and the Way of the Professional Human Resources Training". The researchers and practitioners discussed what kinds of challenges it can bring, and what kinds of human resources will be necessary for the new movement on the acceptance of foreign workers. They also looked back how the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research has played a role with regard to fostering people who can deal with new problems and how it will develop this in the future.

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