Visited Chosen Exchange Universities for Re-Inventing Japan Project in Latin America

March 24, 2016

From the 8th (Mon) until the 17th (Wed) of February 2016, Executive Director of TUFS, Iwasaki and associates visited the 4 universities chosen as part of the Re-Inventing Japan Project, the University of Guanajuato in Mexico, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Federal University of Paraná and the University of Campinas in Brazil.
Whilst at the University of Guanajuato in Mexico, they held the opening ceremony for the Global Japan office. At this office, as a base of collaboration for the Re-Inventing Japan Project, plans are being made to provide support to incoming exchange students from TUFS and to provide information regarding studying abroad in Japan.
At the National Autonomous University of Mexico, roughly 150 students of which the majority came from the Japanese Language Department, participated in the information session regarding the Re-Inventing Japan Project. A lively question and answer session took place and we were also able to gauge the interest of the students towards studying abroad in Japan.
At the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil), President Zaki Akel Sobrinho and Director of International Affairs, Carlos Siqueira, had a meeting with the head of every department which was also covered by the University television station.
At the University of Campinas (Brazil), they held a meeting with the International Relations Department and those affiliated with the Japanese Language Department. Also a cooperation agreement from one of the universities cooperating in the project, University of Electro-Communications (UEC) was presented and an agreement for an exchange student program was signed.
The Re-Inventing Japan Project “A Co-Creative Education Program between Japan and Latin America of Humanities and Sciences” in which TUFS, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and University of Electro-Communications are collaborating, aims to contribute to the solution of contemporary issues such as the environment, natural resources, food and energy crisis and social and economic development through exchanging students for short, medium and long term periods between universities in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Columbia. The final objective of this program is to develop talented individuals with global experience.
(※)Here at TUFS, according to the TUFS Super Global university initiative “From Japan to the World, Strengthening the Power of Transmission” “Supporting the Globalization of the University”, in order to carry out these initiatives, we are establishing “Global Japan Office” as a base for “Japan Research and Japanese Education” in major overseas Partner Universities.
University of Guanajuato homepage (Spanish)
Federal University of Paraná homepage (Portuguese)
University of Campinas homepage (Portuguese)

Meeting with University President and Associates at Federal University of Paraná.

Vice-President Inoru Iwasaki giving Project Explanation at National Autonomous University of Mexico

In front of the Memorial Monument of the University Founder at University of Campinas

University of Guanajuato