Commemoration Lecture Held for Completion of International Communication and Interpreting Course

February 9, 2016

On the 20th of January 2016 (Wed), the commemoration lecture for the completion of the International Communication and Interpreting Course(Sponsored by: TUFS Graduate School of nternational Communication and Interpreting Course. Co-sponsored by: TUFS School of Language and Culture Studies and the NHK International Training Institute, NHK Global Media Service) was held in the Agora Global building here at TUFS. On this course, we are aiming to practically study simultaneous interpretation and to hold roughly 5 lectures each year for 2nd year students. 
The graduation lecture which also could be called the culmination of the graduate students lifestyle, welcomed Mr. Kikuchi Naruyoshi, who is well-known as a jazz musician, a writer and also a radio personality to hold a lecture titled “Music and Language: How and to what extent are they alike?” in which he covered the differences and similarities between the two. On the day, various people including residents of Fuchu city showed up and roughly 300 people filled the venue, it was such a success that some people inside even mentioned taking time off work to participate.
During the lecture, classical music was originally arranged and the format was likened to romance, tongue twisters were used to explain the rhythm of language and other various clever and very witty methods were used which kept the audience in a state of laughter from start to finish. At the following question and answer session, many questions were asked regarding music theory and the band that Mr. Kikuchi used to be affiliated with, it became a session filled with enthusiasm and excitement.
The participants said that “Not as a radio personality, but I was able to see Mr. Kikuchi the “lecturer” for the very first time”. We also received feedback from the students such as “The English simultaneous interpretation was also very fun and became a very interesting topic”. Not just as a lecture, but as a place for development and training for the interpretation students this was an incredibly significant event.
You can find the report written by the students here  (Japanese text)