International Symposium "International Japanese Research; Dialog, Exchanges and Dynamics" Held January 29th-31st

March 14, 2016

The international symposium “International Japanese Studies; Dialog, Exchanges and Dynamics” (Sponsored by: The Institute of Japan Studies at TUFS) was held over 3 days beginning on the 29th of January 2016. This symposium was held by TUFS for the purpose of strengthening the function of education research centered around international Japanese research and Japanese language education as well as simultaneously acting as the unveiling for the “Institute of Japan Studies” which was launched in April of 2015.

The Opening of the symposium held on the 29th (Fri) began with the theme “The Past, Present and Future of International Japan Research” was executed by Director-General of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Mr. Kazuhiko Komatsu, alongside 4 Japanese International Japan Studies researchers. During the keynote lecture “Thinking about the Present and Future of Japan Study in the Global Era” given by Director-General Komatsu, the significance of popular culture research was discussed from the viewpoint of international Japan Studies using research into ghosts and specters as an example.

The first day of the main event on the 30th (Sat) held lectures with the theme “History and Culture” including the keynote lecture given by Prof. Carol Gluck of Columbia University titled “Modernity in Common Japanese and World History” and a research report given by 6 teaching staff from TUFS and specially invited researchers from the foreign universities that established the Consortium for Asian and African Studies (CAAS). During Prof. Gluck`s lecture, issues were raised regarding the perspective of the challenges and characteristics of Japanese research based on the results of global history.

On the following day the 31st, Director-General of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Mr. Taro Kageyama, gave a keynote lecture with the theme “Language in Japan and how it is taught” and titled “The Globalization of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics and Japanese Research”. A research report was also given by researchers from the same institute alongside 6 teaching staff from TUFS. During Director-General Kageyama`s keynote lecture, Japanese language research which is heading towards diversity and globalization as well as the efforts being made by the National Institute of Japanese Language and Linguistics were introduced.

The international symposium which stretched over 3 days was successfully carried out with many guests attending. The symposium came to a close after creating ties between the Institute of Japan Studies at TUFS and both national and international Research and Educational Institutes for Japan Studies and Research further synchronizing cooperation partnerships between them.

Mr. Taro Kageyama giving Keynote Lecture

Director Himiya of the Ministry of Education, Culture Sports, Science and technology, Higher Education Bereau, National University Corporation Support Division giving Address

President Tateishi giving Event Organizers Address

Specially Invited CAAS Unit member Prof. David Hughes (University of London, SOAS) giving Review Lecture

Specially invited CAAS Unit member Lecturer Iris Haukamp (University of London, SOAS) Presenting Report

Summary Lecture