TUFS Student Won Second place at "Hong Kong Cup All Japan University Student Ambassadors English Program"

February 5, 2016

On the 16th of January 2016 (Sat), the “Hong Kong Cup All Japan University Student Ambassadors English Program” (Sponsored by; The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions Tokyo Economic and Trade Representative in Japan, Co-sponsored by: Japan News, Supported by: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Yomiuri Newspaper) was held and Satoshi Asano of TUFS (School of International and Area Studies, Regions of Japan, 3rd year) won second place.

This program was designed to recruit Student Ambassadors who will become the bridge between Hong Kong and Japan, the task was to present in English, an idea that would promote the cultural exchange of both countries. Mr. Asano gave a speech titled “Sports Innovation in Hong Kong”.

Mr. Asano`s Thoughts on Winning

I really love Hong Kong and have also studied abroad there; I always wanted to help strengthen the bond between Hong Kong and Japan in one form or another. It was my club activity friends and my teacher who teaches “The History of Hong Kong” that introduced me to this program and thus became my motive for participating.

At the main event, there were many participants presenting proposals regarding the impression of food in Hong Kong, whereas I presented a business proposal “Sports Innovation in Hong Kong”, focusing on the use of empty buildings in Hong Kong and Japans virtual technology, creating indoor sports facilities, promoting Hong Kong’s fitness awareness and effective use of empty buildings that will tie together the promotion of cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Japan through sports. Without getting caught up in the superficial and fixed impression of Hong Kong, I was able to come up with ideas more flexibly using my own experiences from Hong Kong which I believe led to my result.

Finally, Of course I am very happy with winning the 2nd place award; however nothing makes me happier than being able to convey my passion towards Hong Kong though this presentation to the judges and all the people that was able to attend. Also my heart is filled with gratitude for my brilliant friends from TUFS who came to support me during the final judging stage despite being the incredibly busy end-of-year test period. All the friends I have made in Hong Kong from my year abroad have made me feel consciously “connected”, but now in addition, as a student ambassador I am able to place emphasis on the “connection” between Hong Kong and Japan and wish to continue to carry the task of becoming a bridge between these two countries into the future.

For further details of the “Hong Kong Cup All Japan University Student Ambassadors English Program” please see here.
(YOMIURI ONLINE / From Yomiuri Newspaper)
From the local newspaper (From Sing Pao Daily News Newspaper)

You can see the newspaper article here (Yomiuri Newspaper, Japan News)

Further program information including the list of finalists (Program PDF  front / back )can be seen here.