TUFS Global Japan Office Established at Rio de Janeiro State University (Brazil) on March 18th

March 31, 2016

On the 18th of March 2016 (Fri), the 10th Global Japan Office* was established at Rio de Janeiro State University and an opening ceremony and reception was held.
As well as President, Dr. Ruy Garcia Marques, Director, Dr. Tania Maria de Castro Carvalho Netto, Vice Rector, Maria Georgina Muniz Washington and associates of Rio de Janeiro State University, President Tateishi, Dean of School of Language and Culture Studies, Dr. Takeda of TUFS and other guests connected with both universities, the Consulate General of Rio de Janeiro in Japan, Consular Yamamoto also attended and a magnificent ceremony and reception with over 100 guests was held.
Firstly, addresses were given from both universities and after a congratulatory address given by the Consulate General of Rio de Janeiro in Japan, Consular Yamamoto, the office sign was installed and name signing ceremony was conducted by both President Tateishi and President Garcia Marques. At the reception, after the traditional Japanese breaking of the sake cask, sushi and other such Japanese foods along with traditional Japanese sweets brought over from Japan were passed around; we shared a calm and enjoyable gathering with the visiting guests. Also there was a chorus performance from the chorus group of the Japanese Language Department of Rio de Janeiro State University of both Brazilian and Japanese songs.
This Japan Global Office will fulfill the task of networking in Brazil as a base for the implementation of Japanese Language Education and Japan Research. From here on, not only at the undergraduate level but also at the graduate School level, we will be advancing our partnership and cooperating in the spread of Japanese Language Education whilst planning introduction to Japan and student exchange events.

本研究・日本語教育」の拠点となる「Global Japan Office」を設置しておりま

*Here at TUFS, according to the TUFS Super Global university initiative “From Japan to the World, strengthening the power of transmission” “Supporting the Globalization of the University”, in order to carry out these initiatives, we are establishing “Global Japan Office” as a base for “Japan research and Japanese education” in major overseas partner universities.