TUFS Students Comes in Second in German Speech Contest

February 8, 2016

Masumi Yoshizu (junior, German major, Faculty of Foreign Studies) placed second in the 16th National German Speech Contest held at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (KUFS) on December 15th. She received KUFS' President's Award, given to the second place winner.
Tamaki Hoshino (senior, German major, Faculty of Foreign Studies) also came in sixth and received the Japanese-German Association Award.
Yoshizu delivered a speech, "The Origin of Japanese Values" (Die Herkunft japanischer Wertvorstellungen) and Hoshino delivered, "What is Japanese Food?" (Was versteht man unter japanischem Essen?)

Comment from Yoshizu

"I came back to Japan from Germany last summer, after staying there for a year. However, for me, it is this speech contest that puts an end to my experience in Germany. I participated in this speech contest in order to objectively evaluate my German proficiency and display what I learned through my stay in Germany.

By attending this contest, I learned that the important components of speech, which influence the quality of speeches, are not only linguistic elements such as pronunciation and grammar, but also content and structure which enhance persuasiveness and expressions. I am not satisfied with the results, but this was a precious opportunity for me to set up a goal by myself, make effort, and achieve it.

I appreciate my supervisors, who have supported me. Also, I recommend TUFS students to take any opportunities where they can test themselves."

For further information please visit;
https://www.kufs.ac.jp/news/detail.html?id=1T1TDJPE  (Japanese text)
Bulletin (pdf)

Yoshizu delivering speech

Yoshizu at the award ceremony
(KUFS' President's Award)

Hoshino at the award ceremony
(Japanese-German Association Award)