At 2015 School Festival Grand Prix the 93rd TUFS Culture Festival Won 1st Prize for "Public Relations Video Prize" and "Special Cuisine Recipe Contest"

February 12, 2016

At the awards ceremony of the School Festival Grand Prix 2015 (Sponsored by: Guru Navi, Lets Enjoy Tokyo) which was held on 21st of December 2015 (Mon), TUFS School festival, the “Gaigosai” received the 1st place “PR video award”. In addition, in the gourmet category “Specialist Cuisine Recipe Contest” the store run by French language major students also proceeded to win first place for their “Coq au vin” which is boiled chicken in red wine sauce.

Thoughts on Winning

Maker of the winning PR video from TUFS own comedy circle and affiliated with XBULL, Mr. Takuya Miyahara
(Faculty of Foreign Studies, Europe and America, English Language major 4th year)
Using the characteristic circular shape of the TUFS plaza as a stage, we had many foreign students, people wearing ethnic costumes and folk dancers performing on stage at one minute intervals which is a relatively short time period, so we had to work very hard to create a fun environment that also captured the essence of TUFS. Bringing the whole schedule together was very difficult and we only had 30 minutes of available time for filming, however I am happy that we got this result. I am thankful to all those that performed and to everyone for their cooperation.

Representative for the French language major cuisine store, Ms. Yuki Mori (School of Language and Culture Studies)
I did not think we were going to receive such an award this time around. However I am happy because I believe it is the result of everyone working with all their might for the sake of the festival. Also, since last year our seniors also won the prize, I am very happy that we were able to keep the winning streak going. This prize was won due to the cooperation and efforts of everyone from the French language department as well as all the other people that offered their help so I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude. Thank you all very much!