【Application period: March 1st(Tue) to 18th(Fri) 】Citizen Audit Program 2016

February 19, 2016

TUFS runs the Citizen Audit Program which provides opportunities for people including university students, students of partner high schools, and citizens.
The application will start from Tuesday, March 1st. Those who want to participate in program, please read through the contents of classes and directions for application from the following URL. 

Academic year 2016, spring semester:
Application period: From Tue, March 1st to Fri, 18th
Classes: Approximately 150 classes (From early April to early July, 2016)
Fees: 10,800 yen per course
University or high school students: 5,400 yen per course
Students of partner universities or partner high schools: 3,240 yen per course
For further information about the Citizen Audit Program, please visit: