Students from TUFS participated in the 8th Cheerleading World Championships as part of the Japanese National Team and took second place

January 5, 2016

Over the 21st (Saturday) and 22nd (Sunday) of November 2015, at the 8th Cheerleading World Championships held in Berlin (Germany), In the mixed gender category the national Japanese team of which members of TUFS cheerleading squad YASUE Kota (Faculty of Foreign Studies, Italian major, 4th year) and WARITA Toshimitsu (School of International and Area Studies, South-Western regions of Europe major, 4th year) were part of took second place.
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Mr. WARITA`s winning thoughts.

Even though we went to the representative 3 month training camp held at Nippon Bunri University in Oita aiming for first place, we took second place by a narrow margin. Regret welled up inside as we watched the winning team dance around in joy right before us. At this competition it feels like I have experienced what it is to “lose” for the first time. It was also great being able to compete on the international level as a TUFS student once more. Now my retirement and then graduation is approaching however, I would like to use this experience to fuel my activities around the world.

Left: WARITA Toshimitsu Right: YASUE Kota

Back row first from the left WARITA Toshimitsu
second from the left YASUE Kota