Explanatory Meeting for Parents Held

December 10, 2015

On Nov. 22nd, an explanatory meeting designed for parents of junior students was carried out with the attendance about 300 participants.

The explanatory meeting included a general meeting and private consultations. In the general meeting, TUFS President Tateishi offered the updates, following which was an explanation about the Student Support Association by its chairperson Michimune. After that, an explanation pertaining university’s student placement services and graduate courses, which will be profitable for senior students preparing or considering their career, were provided. Three students, who already received official job offers, talked about their job hunting. Their talks received high interest from many participants.

Yasushi Hasegawa, Chairperson of Tokyo Gaigo Kai (lit. Tokyo Foreign Language Association, an alumni association) also talked about its support systems intended for TUFS students.

After the general meeting, consultations concerning career paths were offered, where many participants intently asked for advice.