Equipo de Servicios de Traductores e Interpretes Visits TUFS

December 2, 2015

On Thursday, November 26th, Officials of the Cuban government translation services agency, Equipo de Servicios de Traductores e Interpretes (ESTI), including Embajador Sr. Otto Vaillant Frías, Director del ESTI, Sra. Tamara Puente, Jefa del Departamento de Idiomas Varios, and other members visited TUFS.

The party met with President Hirotaka Tateishi, Executive Director Minoru Iwasaki, and Sukerou Ito, Director of the Japanese Language Center for International Students. The ESTI members visited Japan to observe universities and institutes for the purpose of training professional Japanese language interpreters.

In the meeting, the guests and the TUFS side talked about the current status of Japanese interpretation services in Cuba, exchanged ideas about Japanese-language education at TUFS, and also agreed to strengthen ties between TUFS and the country.