Arabic Major Students Visit Nine Arabic Embassies to Promote University Festival

November 19, 2015

TUFS students majoring in the Arabic language visited the embassies of Arab countries and offered invitations to a play performed at the university festival. The play will be delivered in the Arabic language with original scripts. The students visited nine embassies ---those of the Republic of Djibouti, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Syria. The students also called on the Japan Arab Association which is in the Cosmo Energy Holdings building.

Student Comment

Many ambassadors, counselors, and people in charge of cultural exchange took time out of their schedules and welcomed us warmly. We heard back from them soon after our visits to the embassies. Many of them kindly will come to see our performance, which motivates us more. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the embassies.

Arabic Play : November 19th (Thur) 17:20~

At the Libyan embassy
(with Ambassador Own)

At the Palestine embassy
(Left: Ambassador Siam
Right: Counselor Saeed)

At the Iraqi embassy 
(with Legal Consultant Ban Alkhazraji)