TUFS Student Receives Award of Excellence in 31st Eisaku Sato Essay Contest

November 6, 2015

K.A. Sandunika Hasangani (second-year student of the Graduate School of Global Studies, International Cooperation Studies major) received the Award of Excellence in the 31st Eisaku Sato Essay Contest. (Host: Eisaku Sato Memorial Foundation for Cooperation with United Nations University). The theme of the essay was “Describe the current relationship between the USA and China with reference to their respective responsibilities and roles in international society. Discuss how the United Nations could work with these two superpowers in order to tackle global issues more effectively” and 101 essays were applied.

Comment from Sandunika

Needless to say, receiving the Award of Excellence in the 31st Eisaku Sato Essay Contest was an inexpressible source of happiness for me. I consider this award as a turning point in my student life since it encouraged me to proceed confidently in my future academic activities. Specially, now I am more passionate in developing my academic writing skills further. Finally, I believe that this essay contest is a precious opportunity that provides a floor to enhance knowledge and also to compete at the international level.