Together with Fuchu Local Volunteers, TUFS Students Participate in Emergency Drill for Children with Multicultural Backgrounds

October 21, 2015

Some TUFS students belonging to VOLAS, TUFS Volunteer Space, took part in a volunteer activity to assist schoolchildren with multilingual backgrounds to learn Japanese at the Fuchu International Salon (the second office building of the Fuchu city office). This year, as a first attempt, an emergency drill was conducted in cooperation with local volunteers. This emergency drill was designed for children with multilingual backgrounds. In addition to the earthquake drill, the volunteers arranged picture quizzes about disaster prevention, and also offered crackers. After these, the children confirmed evacuation areas with the volunteers and Fuchu city officials.

This emergency drill brought benefits, VOLAS members and local volunteers, who might not otherwise have had a chance to meet, worked together and shared tasks, an added benefit of the drill. We will continue to have this activity.

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