At Fuchu Lifelong Learning Festival, TUFS President Special Lecture and Cultural Event Conducted in run-up to University Festival

October 16, 2015

At Fuchu Lifelong Learning Festival, held from Sept.12th-13th, TUFS President Tateishi delivered a special lecture, and TUFS students conducted an event in the run-up to Gaigosai, the university festival.

On the first day of the festival, President Tateishi talked about Spanish culinary culture and history in his lecture Spanish Food Culture; Coexistence in History.

On the second day, TUFS students organized an event in the run-up to Gaigosai which included a panel exhibition of the university festival by the Gaigosai Executive Committee, Dance performance by dance circles (Spanish Dance Club, Korean Dance Club, Pom Dance Circle Amity, Bellydance Club, a special event, My Name Written in World Languages, and another panel exhibition featuring Learning Assistance for Schoolchildren at the Fuchu International Salon.
It was a good opportunity to introduce students’ activities to Fuchu residents.

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