TUFS President Conducts Coffee Meeting

October 15, 2015

With hope for providing opportunities for “Dialogue” and “Co-creation”, which would help us to shape what TUFS will be like in the 21st century, TUFS President Tateishi has held the Coffee Meeting with students and faculty members since his inauguration in April, 2013. The purpose of this meeting is to frankly exchange ideas with the president and other administrators over coffee. This Coffee Meeting has taken place 36 times and is open to every TUFS member, including students and faculty members. At the 36th meeting held on Sept. 28th, students belonging to VOLAS, the volunteer space, took part in it.

For more information about VOLAS, please visit here: 

President Tateishi and administrators listening to VOLAS members’ report about their activities

Please take advantage of this meeting to share your opinions, suggestions, and concerns with the president face-to-face. We have made improvements on our services and the student experience and also established various network within the university based on suggestions we received through this meeting.
(Applicants should be TUFS officials and students)
Applications and inquiries:
General Affairs Desk: soumu-hisho[a]tufs.ac.jp (Please replace [a] with @)
Please provide us with the following information:
・Profile of your group, such as group name etc.
・Number of participants (Five to six are ideal, negotiable)
Please understand that we may decline applications depending on the president’s schedule, previous meeting topics, etc.
2015 meeting history:
31st meeting (Mon, April 27th): Academic Year 2015 new recruits
32nd meeting (Mon, May 25th): TUFS Intercultural Community members
33rd meeting (Mon, July 13th): TUFS Hula and Tahitian Dance Club
34th meeting (Mon, July 27th): HAKUGAKAI, TUFS Japanese traditional music group
35th meeting (Mon, Sept. 14th): TUFS Office for Employment of Persons with Disabilities
36th meeting (Mon, Sept. 28th): VOLAS, TUFS Volunteer Space