TUFS Students Attend Award Presentation Ceremony at Japan Foundation Asian Center

September 25, 2015

On Friday, September 11th, an award ceremony was held at the Japan Foundation Asian Center. In the ceremony, TUFS students were awarded certificates of gratitude concerning the NIHONGO Partners dispatch program. This program sends individuals to nations throughout the ASEAN region as NIHONGO Partners who are expected to assist both Japanese language teachers and students learning it.It has been a year since the first delegation was dispatched to the region. The certificates of gratitude awarded to NIHONGO Partners who finish their mission.

Awarded TUFS students were sent to Indonesia as the second and third delegations. TUFS vice president Kayoko Hayashi also attended the presentation ceremony and showed her appreciation to the students.

Yuka Ichimaru (Senior, Indonesian language major, School of Foreign Language) said, “It was a precious experience that will have a positive influence on my future,” remembering her activities as a NIHONGO Partner.

TUFS made an agreement concerning the NIHONGO Partner dispatch program with the Japan Foundation and has conducted a program that endorses candidates to the center since 2015. 

NIHONGO Partner Dispatch Program (Japanese text)