TUFS Student Dance Pair Claims Victory in 99th Summer National University Dance Competition

September 25, 2015

On Sunday, September 6th, the 99th Summer National University Dance Competition was held and a TUFS student dance pair, Takuya Tsuyama (Senior, Southeast Asia Area Studies major, School of International Studies) and Azusa Saito (Senior, Russian language major, School of International and Area Studies) won first prize. The pair came in first place both in Senior Cha-cha division and Senior Rumba division, making for the most respectable showing in recent years.

In addition, Eri Yasui (Senior, Vietnam language major, School of Language and Culture) and Ryusei Ishida (Senior, the University of Electro-Communications) took third place in Senior Paso Doble division.

This competition comprises two categories: the senior division, which is for sophomore and senior students, and the junior division, for first-year students. Tsuyama and Saito won in the Samba division in the 6 East Japan University Shinjin Dance Competition, which is for sophomore and junior dancers.