International Center for Japanese Studies Holds Summer Seminar

August 19, 2015

The TUFS International Center for Japanese Studies (ICJS) conducted “Summer Seminar 2015: Language, Culture, and Society; Endeavors of International Japanese Studies” from July 14th to 17th. This was the fourth time the seminar was held and many participants attended both from Japan and abroad.

Together with teachers from ICJS, nine leading experts from foreign universities delivered insightful lectures. (The experts were from Thailand, Singapore, Korea, China, and Taiwan). This seminar was also opened to master’s students as intensive classes, but several undergraduates enthusiastically took part in it.

Also, “The Summer School Research Presentation” coincided with the summer seminar. It was held by 38 graduate students, including 12 from overseas universities and 26 from Japan. This was the third time that the Summer School Research Presentation was carried out.
The 12 overseas students were from Thammasat University, National University of Singapore, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Chun-Ang University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tunghai University, National Taiwan University, and National Chengchi University, and they visited Japan with the experts.
Graduate students from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, University of Tsukuba, and International Christian University also delivered presentation.
The presentation was followed by a Q&A session in which participants actively asked about research.

After the presentation, the graduate students organized a party where about 80 attendees shared ideas and information. Some participants talked with the presenters from abroad.

This year’s seminar was big success as a total of roughly 660 participants attended 15 classes, which surpassed last year’s 480 people. The Research Presentation---held in three venues--- also had a large turnout, with about 700 visitors.
The commencement ceremony was carried out on the last day of summer school and the graduate students from overseas universities received certificates. After taking a ceremonial photo at the Galleria building, the students made farewells, promising to make great efforts.