"Multicultural Society Human Resources Training Program: Introduction to Multicultural Society" Held

August 19, 2015

From July 23rd, a four-day seminar, “Multicultural Society Human Resources Training Program: Introduction to Multicultural Society” was held at the Agora Global building. 43 participants around the nation attended the seminar.

This program is organized by the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research, aiming to develop professionals who can respond to problems in Japan, which has become multilingual and multicultural, by cooperating with people, organizations and institutions.

TUFS faculty members who specialize in language and areas studies, and experts from politics, law, education, mental health, and public welfare served as instructors. Through lectures and workshops, the participants learned the basic knowledge needed to consider problems of multiculturalism, and skills required to solve problems in practice.

In a gathering held on the second day, the participants had a chance to network and some attendees who graduated from TUFS greeted each other in several languages. It is hoped that the networks they established in the seminar will help them in the future.

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