Japanese Library Established at Yangon University by Donations

August 5, 2015

A Japanese library was established in "Global Japan Office" at Yangon University (Myanmar)

TUFS asked its faculty members for book donations to set up the library. More than 1200 books, including Japanese literature and comic books, are available for Yangon University students. The students showed their high interest in the books, especially in the comic books. Students were somewhat overwhelmed by the number of words in the literary books.

Yangon University offers Japanese classes conducted by a teacher from TUFS. It is hoped that this library will become a starting point for Japanese studies in Myanmar and also that more and more Myanmar students will be interested in our country.

"Global Japan Office" is the core of the TUFS Top Global University Projects. The fist office was set up at Yangon University, aiming to provide information about exchange programs to Japan and Japanese language and culture.