TUFS Global Community Meeting Held in Cairo

July 24, 2015

On Friday, May 1st, the TUFS Global Meeting was held in Cairo, Egypt. This meeting was carried out as a part of the TUFS Global Community Project, which is organized by the International Management Office. The purpose of the meeting is to establish networks among TUFS faculty members and alumni, as well as to support current students to study abroad.
The meeting coincided with the Japanese Speech Competition held at Cairo University attended by Hayashi, the Vice President, and Ito, the director of the Japanese Language Center for Exchange Students. This was the second time that the meeting was carried out in Egypt since 2009. A total of 11 participants took part, including alumni and students who study in the country, which made the meeting lively. The current students asked many questions to the alumni, who play active roles in various fields. The meeting provided a precious opportunity to promote exchanges beyond generations.