Halal Food Available at University Cafe

July 23, 2015

The TUFS university café, Meal, began offering halal dishes on July 17th.
In response to requests from exchange students, the café, which is run by a Co-op, set up a plan to offer halal dishes, and has been discussing it with TUFS since last year. To meet the halal food criteria and to be qualified, on June 15th, the Co-op held a Halal Food Meeting where they offered samples to 70 Muslim students and exchanged ideas.
After revising and improvements, dishes appeared on the menu on July 17th, which marked the end of Ramadan.

Following is the halal menu (2 dishes will be offered each day):
Yellow chicken Curry
Yellow beef Curry
Yellow scallop Curry
Beef curry
Fried chicken (Japanese style)
Japanese style grilled chicken
Stewed chicken with ground radish
Stewed chicken with tomatoes
Beef steak with tomato sauce