TUFS to Implement Energy Saving Measures During Summer Semester

July 23, 2015

Our university has introduced the TUFS Quarter System, which includes two new semesters in summer and winter. The summer semester started on July 12th , which was the day after spring semester ended. TUFS students are working on various challenges such as internships, studying abroad, volunteer work, and learning new languages.

During the summer, TUFS is also implementing a number of practices to curb global warming, in which university faculty members are taking leading roles.

○Dress code of faculty members
・Encourage a practice of “no ties and no jackets”
○ Air conditioning
・Keep the room temperature at 28C
・Switch off air conditioners when they are not being used
○ Lights
・Switch off lights in lecture rooms, laboratories, and offices when they are not being used
・Turn off all lights during lunch break
・Encourage a practice of “two-up three-down”. Use stairs to go up to two floors above and go down three floors
○Shorten business hours
・University cafes and campus stores are closed earlier
○Computers and electronic devices
・Switch off computers during lunch break and when leaving a room
・Reduce the usage of electronic kettles and coffee machines

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

During the summer semester, many ambassadors and officials are scheduled to visit TUFS.
In order to cool down rooms and make them comfortable,
we are growing “Green Curtains”, which provide natural shade.

TFaculty members dress cool to save energy
(at the Educational Affairs Division)

University cafes and campus stores are closed earlier