In Response to Media Reports on This Year's University Festival

July 17, 2015

There have been several newspaper reports on the food served during last year’s university festival.

Aiming to introduce cultures from all over the world and to offer opportunities to experience such cultures, TUFS holds Gaigosai , a university festival, every autumn, at which freshmen serve cuisine from around the world and sophomores perform plays in their languages of specialization.

Following an order by the local health center, TUFS announces that it will make every effort to improve ways of serving food during the festival. We also sincerely apologize that last year, the festival Committee had failed to submit to the local health authority a complete list of items to be sold at the festival. Currently, the Gaigosai Executive Committee has taken up a central role in arranging recipes and they have been discussing them with the health center.

TUFS will provide the utmost support to its students to make this year’s festival more enjoyable, meaningful, and original.

From the Gaigosai Executive Committee

With regards to the media reports, we sincerely apologize for causing anxiety among the students concerning food served at Gaigosai . TUFS University Festival Executive Committee takes the instructions of the local health authorities seriously, and will continue to make efforts to hold a safe university festival. Concerning food stalls, we have consulted the university and the local health center. We are still pursuing ways to make this year’s festival as entertaining as possible

To those who are concerned, such as families of students and alumni, we ask for your understanding and support regarding this matter.

We will make further effort to hold a university festival that would meet your expectations. We hope to see you at the festival!

Director of the 93rd Gaigosai Mari Tsutsui
(Junior, School of International and Area Studies)