Briefing Session on Application for Registration as National Archives and Records

July 16, 2015

On Friday, July 10th, a briefing session for administrative staff was held. The session was about a TUFS plan to apply to be listed as a national archives.

TUFS has sets a plan to apply to be certificated a national archives and records in which the university library takes a leading role. The briefing session took place with the hope of deepening understanding of the public records and archives management acts and their concepts. The participants were also expected to gain further knowledge about public documents which they take care of in their work. Almost 30 officers participated in the session and exchanged ideas.

After an explanation, officers took a tour of the library and visited the gallery, stacks and reading room. The tour provided an opportunity to re-evaluate the stocks which officers rarely use, though the rooms are close to where they work.

*National Archives and Records :Facilities and institutes to which historical public records and archives are transferred from the state or incorporated administrative agencies, etc.

For further information about national archives and records:
The Cabinet Office Website(About National Archives and Records):