Notice Regarding Summer Holiday Closing Schedule and Reconstruction Schedule

August 5, 2015

TUFS will be closed for summer holidays as follws; 
Wednesday, August 12th to Friday, August 14th, 2015

Thank you for your understanding. 

Academic Affairs Office to be Closed

TUFS Academic Affairs Office will be closed due to renovation. Following is the schedule:
Monday, August 10th – Friday, August 14th
During the renovation, the Educational Affairs Division, the Student Affairs Division, the Student Exchange Division, and the Study Abroad Support Office will be closed.
Please note that academic certificates are not issued during this period.

Notice on the restrictions of entry to TUFS Fuchu campus during Summer Holidays

Restrictions of entry to the buildings on Fuchu campus during summer holiday, for energy-saving promotion to prevent global-warming alert.
1: Period of the restrictions
Buildings will be locked:
From 8:00a.m (Wed) 12th Aug 2015 to 7:30a.m (Mon) 17th Aug 2015
2: Area of restrictions
All the buildings on Fuchu campus, except the International Residences.
3: Restrictions in detail
Entrances of buildings will be locked and you cannot enter with the campus cards during this period.
*In case of emergency, please visit the Security Office on the first floor of the Administration Building, and explain the reason to enter the building.Entrances will only be unlocked by the security officers during this period.
4: Others
For the periodic check-up of the high-voltage electric transforming system, there will be the interruption of the electric power supply on August 12 (Wed) except theInternational Residences.
On 12th Aug, any of electrical appliances cannot be used.
*Please disconnect plugs of electrical appliances such as PCs, TVs, copy machines as much as possible.
*Please empty refrigerators and freezers before 12th Aug.