TUFS Students Observe Classes for Children with Multicultural Backgrounds

July 8, 2015

On Monday, June 29th, eight junior students of the Global Communication course, the School of Language and Culture Studies, observed Japanese and social studies classes at Tokyo Metropolitan Koyamadai Evening High School. Prof. Kawaji led the students to the high school. They observed so-called “separate-session class” (*1) designed for students who need Japanese language support. Approximately one third of the students are children with multicultural backgrounds (*2).

As Prof. Kawaji serves as a TUFS liaison committee member, TUFS Japanese-language Education postgrads who hold teachers’ licenses have been able to take advantage of the connection to teach Japanese classes at the high school.

Currently, Miyu Masaki and Takeshi Nunomura (1-year master’s course students, the Applied Linguistics major, Faculty of the Graduate School of Global Studies) have taught first- to third-year students in Japanese separate-session classes. The eight junior students observed a Japanese class delivered by Masaki. They also enjoyed school lunch with teachers and the students.

*1 Separate-session classes: Special classes where the children with multicultural backgrounds.
*2 Children with multicultural backgrounds: Children who are raised in a multicultural and linguistic environment, such as children from foreign countries and Japanese nationals born to a bilingual couple.